How it works

Mercedes-Benz Finance is ideally positioned to provide specialist financial and operational expertise to LCV operators of any size and in any sector. We currently run a fleet in excess of 630,000 vehicles across 40 countries. And our portfolio of over £14.5 billion means we are now one of the world’s top three vehicle finance providers.

Contract Hire can ease the headaches out of running a commercial fleet. Instead of owning the vehicles, you hire them for a fixed period - typically 3 to 5 years - for a fixed monthly fee. This is based on the difference between the initial value of the van and projected residual value at the end of the agreement, plus finance charges. This means you repay only a proportion of the vehicle's costs, which is good news for your cashflow.

Choose Contract Hire and you'll avoid any worries about the future value of your vehicle or selling it on - at the end of your agreement you simply hand it back.

We've got you covered

There are numerous additional benefits to choosing Mercedes-Benz Contract Hire, not least extra maintenance cover for your commercial fleet. With a Contract Hire agreement you can choose a number of options on top of the basic operating lease of the vehicle.

For a detailed account of just exactly what to expect from our Contract Hire offers, please contact your local depot.